sábado, 5 de maio de 2007

prémio de arquitectura MIES VAN DER ROHE 2007 para MUSAC

O prémio para arquitectura contemporânea Mies van der Rohe 2007 foi atribuido ao MUSAC - Museo de arte contemporáneo de Castilla y León em Espanha com arquitectura de Luis M. Mansilla e Emilio Tuñón.
In contrast to other types of museums that focus on the exhibition of frozen historic collections, MUSAC is a living space that opens its doors to the wide-ranging manifestations of contemporary art. This is an art centre that constructs a set of chessboards on which the action is the protagonist of the space; a structure that develops from an open system, formed by a fabric of squares and rhombi, and permitting the construction of a secret geography of memory.MUSAC is a new space for culture, regarded as something that visualises the connections between man and nature.
In its size, as a single-storey building with white concrete walls and large coloured glazing seen from the outside, MUSAC strives to be a space where art is at ease and helps to erase the boundaries between private and public; between work and leisure; and between art and life.
(excertos do texto de apresentação do prémio)

Entre os finalista estava o projecto português do Centro de Artes de Sines de Francisco Aires Mateus e Manuel Aires Mateus e também um projecto de Zaha Hadid o Phaeno Science Centre em Wolfsburg na Alemanha, na imagem.